Daily Deal: Paula Dorf Smokey Eye Collection

These small palette sets have saved my life so many times. 

I have a Stila palette that has lasted me way past the time I should probably have gotten rid of it (we’re talking like 4 years – I have a Chanel compact that’s pushing 8 years old, I’m gross.) and I can’t tell you the number of times it’s helped me out, randomly. Eyeshadow can quickly turn into highlighter and/or lipstick and/or eyeliner, when you’re really motivated.

Paula Dorf Smokey Eye CollectionThis set, by Paula Dorf, contains everything you need (everything) to create a smokey eye. Bonus points: It also includes the most vampy, un-unnoticable red lipstick… So this is like the sexpot collection. Smokey Sexpot Collection. Smokey Sexpot with a Mouth and Eyes Collection. Any offers to hire me as a marketing consultant can be sent through the Contact page.

Because small palettes like this know that they will be used for emergencies, the lipstick doubles as a cheek stain. There is a small mascara, eyeliner and eyeshadow brush that fits right into the case. AND A MIRROR. Can I just be excited for a moment about how big this mirror is? My Stila pallete? NO MIRROR. HOW IS THAT HELPFUL?

Speaking of helpful, there are instructions on how to use all of these pretty but intimidating items, and they fit right into the case. Bam. Mess that up, ladies, I dare you.

Now let’s all take a moment and bless 6pm.com for selling this to us for 70% off at $9.99.

Thank you, 6pm.

Check it out!: Paula Dorf Smokey Eye Collection, $9.99 at 6pm


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