Daily Deal: The Limited Striped Ponte Skirt

Stripes strike again. I am a moth to a 2-bit, monochromatic flame, and I have no interest in curbing my out-of-control habits.

This time it was triggered by the friendliest horizontally-striped skirt I’ve ever met.

Daily Deal: The Limited Striped Ponte Skirt

I’ve met a lot of striped skirts in my day, and there have only been a few that I really, really got along with… physically. This one, I love because of the glorious, solid black panels down the sides.

Daily Deal: The Limited Striped Ponte Skirt

I love them.

This is the same trick that made the now-infamous Stella McCartney “Miracle Dress” so freaking flattering.

A word of caution: The reviews on the site say that these stripes are not actually white, but a bit more taupe or grey. If that’s cool with you – rock on! It’s cool with me. I don’t discrimi-stripe. It’s also high-waisted, so if you want something to sit on your hips, this may not be the skirt for you.

But otherwise… dig in!

Check it out!: Striped Ponte Pencil Skirt from The Limited, $19.90