#FabFound: Neon orange oxfords…?

Recently, Marshalls challenged me to “find my fabulous.

As I have an exceptionally rich and dedicated history associated with shopping at Marshalls – I wasn’t the least bit concerned and happily accepted. But “finding my fabulous” proved to require a bit more thought than my go-to response of “OMG SHOEZ.” What is my fabulous?, I asked myself while sitting in my mahogany library and drinking scotch from a snifter with a swizzle straw in it.

If you’ve been following B&B for more than a couple of minutes, you know how obsessed with comfort I am. My daily focus is merging fashion with pajamas in a way that both appeases my creative side and my unfathomably lazy side. You won’t find me in corset dresses, or anything with “body con” in the title.  That being said, I have this fashion blog right? You’re on it, actually. So you know that I have another healthy obsession with making everything in my life beautiful, and doing it on the cheap.

Affordable, comfortable, and beautiful – I’m pretty sure that, if I have a fabulous, that’s it.

So naturally, the first thing in my hands upon starting my Marshalls quest was a pair of neon oxfords.

Neon. Oxfords. The worst part is that they’re more like neon saddle shoes. I don’t know, maybe we’re so deep into the neon rabbit hole that we can’t tell the difference between something that is appropriate to neon (it’s officially been verbed) and something that should be left alone, damnit!

Marshalls Orange Oxfords

So they clearly had to come home with me. Brown and eye-blinding orange. Shockingly enough (no pun intended), these work with a lot of the basics I keep around to neutralize statement pieces – I think these shoes would qualify.

Are you ready for the best part?


Not kidding. These were under $20, and they are so comfortable. They didn’t come with laces, but my boyfriend had an extra set laying about from his own oxford exploits.

Stay tuned for more on my quest… See you tomorrow!

& remember: never pay full price for fabulous!

[Full disclosure: Marshalls supplied a gift card for this adventure, but they’d be crazy to try to tell me what to wear or say about it! All opinions and questionable fashion choices are my own.]