Daily Deal: Fabric & Pearl Statement Necklace

Today, I have for you a potential addition to your “don’t have to put effort into getting dressed” wardrobe.

Dorothy Perkins Fabric & Pearl Necklace

I really can’t help myself when it comes to statement necklaces. I love them because they make the rest of getting dressed so easy. How? Because nothing else matters except this necklace. You could wear a Snoopy t-shirt and pinstripe pants, but if you wore this with it, it would be absolutely stunning. (Major bonus points to anyone who actually does this. I’m dying to see it now.)

Bonus point for nerds with allergies: I love fabric-back necklaces like this because I am so allergic to metal that leaving a necklace on for more than 4 hours will turn my top quadrant bright green. Cute party trick, Lindsay!

Check it out!: Fabric & Pearl Necklace, $19 at Dorothy Perkins

  • Aneeta21

    I saw this kind of neclaces in the Primark. They were cheap and really beautiful.