Fall Favorites from Kohl’s

Fall clothes are the best clothes, and that’s a fact for so many reasons.

  • You get to wear awesome coats and be warm. It’s so much easier to get warm than to cool down, and in fall/winter, you get to look really awesome while you do it.
  • There are 2x as many accessories to play with, including gloves, scarves, hats, SOCKS – oh, the socks.
  • You don’t have to regularly shave your legs because tights & leggings.
  • Other reasons.

So when the purely-fall months roll around (starting with September), I get pretty intense about New Arrivals Sections. That’s where they keep all the fall clothes. At least in September. In February, they keep the fall clothes in the clearance section, and that might be the only redeeming quality of February.

I’ve decided to start with Kohl’s. I’ve purchased a lot of excellent clothing from them, and their sales are definitely competitive. So competitive, in fact, that the entire New Arrivals section was… on sale. 

…Okay! If you insist, Kohl’s. You silly.

LC Lauren Conrad / Kohl's Fall Arrivals

L-R: Lace Yoke Sweater, $35; Lace Chiffon Dress, $48; Floral Bow Dress, $42; Striped Crochet Top, $30

The LC Lauren Conrad line was chock full of predictably cute and quaint patterns – bows, dots, hearts, etc. I should note that what you see above is not an accurate sampling of what Lauren Conrad had available. I’m not much of a “ribbons”-person, so I gravitated towards her more neutral-toned stuff. That being said, if you’re a hearts’n’bows person, you should definitely check out the rest of what’s available.

Fall Favorites from Kohl's

Top, L-R: ELLE Floral Sweater, $35; Apt. 9 Straight-Leg Tweed Pants, $30.80; Rock & Republic Laser-Cut Faux Leather Top, $30.80
Bottom, L-R: ELLE Pintuck Fit & Flare Dress, $42; Apt. 9 Herringbone Crepe Shirt, $19.99; ELLE Bird Chiffon Blouse, $33

…Okay, maybe it’s not just LC’s collection that makes me crave neutrals. So I’m predictable, alright? I’m okay with that. Look at all the texture in these color-less beauties!

The shoes are where I really get into trouble. There are more wedge sneakers in everything from bright colors to snakeskin and I’m fairly sure they’ve all been objectified by me at least once in the last hour. No shame.

Fall Shoes from Kohl'sClockwise, top left: Rock & Republic Ankle Boots, $59.99; Sugar Platform Oxfords, $39.99; Sugar Buckle Ankle Boots, $44.99; Sugar Oxfords, $26.97

I really like the buckle boots above because I feel like they’ll be totally walkable and also look good with 80% of my leg-covering clothes. Same goes for the ones with the heel and metal toe (which remind me of my beloved Milly boots), without the walkable part.

The red shoes remind me of a poor, chic man’s creepers, and oxblood is one of my favorite finishes for… anything, so I love them. The blue oxfords are just ridiculous and are totally something that I would buy on sale because they’re awesome, take them home and say “…Do I have anything I can wear with these?” I’ve created some pretty random outfits by wearing shoes like those (what’s up, neon oxfords), and it’s always fun, so why not?

Am I the only one who gets off on wearing warm clothes? If so, send help. (…Or don’t.)

Probably watching Netflix.