Gifts Under $5: Made With Love Cookie Stamp

When it comes to gifts, I love to make things from scratch – it’s a hobby and a passion and a borderline obsession. Collecting a variety of tools and cute, unique items to help me stand out is a necessity.

Gifts Under $5: Made With Love Cookie Stamp

This Made With Love stamp would be adorable on anything that bakes into something chewy or crunchy – obviously, cookies are a fabulous application, but I like the idea of using this to stamp some homemade crackers, press it into fondant and place it over… just about anything, or even stamp the top of a mini apple pie! No matter what you do, it’s gonna be cute.

The stamps is made from ceramic and enamel, so it’s likely not going to fall apart even after a lot of use. The $3.99 price tag doesn’t sting – like, at all. $4 for something no one else’s cookies are going to have? GIVE IT TO ME.

Think about it – cute cookies by plopping some dough down on the sheet and squishing them? Stress relieving and delicious.

“Made with Love” cookie stamp, $3.99 at World Market

Probably watching Netflix.

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