Giveaway: Julep’s Neon & Nude box!

Julep has taken the beauty world by storm, and I am proud to let you know that we have paired up with our fellow Seattlites to bring you a giveaway of the stunning Neon & Nude box!

This is a great opportunity for anyone who has been aching to try out the Julep Maven monthly subscription service – where you get to choose one of four boxes full of 3-free, Julep brand nail polish and other beauty products – but aren’t quite ready to shell out the cash (or recommend it to your friends) just yet.

Julep Neon & Nude Giveaway

I have been a member for several months and have substantially beefed up my nail polish collection because of it! At least ten of my close friends are members, and we eagerly await the day the new colors are released each month. They have an excellent rewards program and – provided you like their service – you can refer friends and earn credits to pay for future monthly subscriptions! (Original price is $19.99/month for 2-3 polishes, and at least 2 other goodies.)

About the Neon & Nude Box

This Julep Maven box comes with three beautiful colors (two neon, one nude – descriptions below) as well as Julep’s famous Swatch Me! stickers, and a set of vibrant elastic hair ties (my favorite kind!).

Julep Neons & Nudes Giveaway

  • Nina: Electric orangesicle neon crème
  • Nikki: Electric highlighter neon yellow crème
  • Amelia: Light champagne frost

WIth all the talk about neon trends, this comes at a perfect time, no? Julep is known for their super-opaque crème polishes and the two included in this giveaway are about as highlighter-y as you can get! You can view full details about this box here.

How to Enter

There are lots of ways you can enter! There are even surprise ways that you can enter!

We love to reward readers! We’ll give you one entry for each social network you’ve followed us on. Don’t worry, there are LOTS of options, and if you don’t follow already, you can follow now for that extra chance! (There will also be a Facebook-specific extra-vote opportunity later on…)

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See? Easy peasy. You probably got here through one of those channels anyway, right? So you’re good to go. All you need to do now is fill out this form:

That’s it! You’re entered!

Giveaway ends at 11:59pm, February 7, 2013! Good luck!

Are you a Julep Maven subscriber? What do you think of their products?


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