[GIVEAWAY] Pretty Smitten Personalized iPhone Case

It’s the first day of March and it’s about to get mad up in here. Every week of the month of March, we’ll be running a giveaway to give you the absolute highest chances of getting lucky! The rest is up to you, but we could help you snag…

A personalized iPhone case from Pretty Smitten!

Pretty Smitten Chevron iPhone case

A case from the Chevron Collection (in “Pool”)

A PR friend dropped a note about Pretty Smitten in my inbox and once I took a peek at the stylish iPhone cases, I knew I had to hook my readers up with an opportunity to snag one! This is a little ironic, given that I am an Android user (ha!) but nevertheless, I couldn’t ignore the awesome patterns, fonts, and best of all – personalization of Pretty Smitten‘s wares! They don’t just do phone cases, they also have a hand in iPad covers, cool lucite trays, and all kinds of tableware!

Pretty Smitten Floral Personalized iPhone caseA case from the Floral Collection (in “Red”)

Clearly, from the images you’ve seen, you can tell that these are some premium iPhone cases. (They sell for $50 each!) I wasn’t even paid or compensated in any way to say that. Or at all, really. That’s how much I like these. Why do I like them? Pretty Smitten is a Mommy-Operation (is that a thing?) that calls Etsy its marketplace home. Elizabeth Johnson started using stationery design as a creative outlet and my, look how it’s blossomed! There’s nothing I love more than a homegrown operation run by people who truly love what they’re doing. Let me sing it from the rooftops, I love you!

What about the personalization?

You’re probably expecting that “personalized” means that you get to have an opportunity to put your name on your phone. Cool, but uh – nothing new, right? Well, you’re right – that’s how it typically goes, isn’t it? Not today, Sugar Ray. Pretty Smitten's Personalization Chart

So, how much of a control freak are you?

“Our listing show some of our favorite combinations, but please feel free to change a couple of the design elements to make it your own!” Colors, fonts, stripes, styles… You get to pick from the bottom up. If you want a striped phone with an moss and papaya banner with your name on it in beet – you got it! Questionable, but you got it!

Can’t take the pressure? Feeling overwhelmed?

Pretty Smitten Striped iPhone Cases No problem. Each of their collections is accompanied by a listing of pre-selected color and personalization styles for you to choose from.

Okay, now how do I get one without have to pay for it?

Why, by entering the giveaway, of course! Oh, you’re asking how to do that. I get it, I’m on board now. You can enter – true to form – in one or several different ways, it’s up to you how many entries you get!

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Once you figure out your giveaway-sniping strategy, fill out this quick little form to submit your official entry!

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Best of luck, and be sure to share with all of your iPhone-wielding friends!

Pretty Smitten iPhone Case Giveaway