Grayscale Summer: Sweet Dresses in Black, White & Gray

When bright & sunny days roll around, the majority of the world goes technicolor. Toes go neon, bags go vibrant, and clothes become an acid rainbow of cheerful colors and sweet silhouettes.

The majority, anyway. You know what, though? The majority gets enough attention. Today, I’m setting my focus on those who aren’t a superfan of things like… yellow and orange. People who enjoy their crisp whites, muted grays and deep blacks.

Summer Dresses: Grayscale Edition

grayscale summer dress

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There are a thousand basic, black/white/grey dresses out there that are easily wearable at any time of the year. Just add tights, just add boots, just add a jacket and these dresses are as versatile as a  hair bow.

…Those aren’t the dresses I’m interested in. This is summer! I love summer dresses because they are not only timeless, but totally evocative of times past. They scream whimsy and playfulness, with full skirts and slender straps, flirt prints and nipped waists. Now, just subtract the color from the situation and you have: the minimalist-romantic’s summer wardrobe.

eShakti Grayscale Dresses

L-R: Plaid Trim Cotton Poplin Dress, $99.95; Her Fifties Colorblock Dress, $89.95; Dots Large & Small Halter Dress, $69.95; Contrast Banded Trim Poplin Dress, $79.95.

The dress second from the left reminds me so much of an old, classic Barbie doll. The halter dress is screaming my name!

ModCloth Greyscale Summer-Dresses

L-R: Grand Occasion Dress, $49.99; Heart Over Heels Dress, $84.99; Rock Cello Dress, $52.99; No Other Way Dress, $49.99; Graceful Entrance Dress*, $47.99

* You have to see the back of this dress to get the full, beautimous experience.

Are you a fan of black & white in the summer?

  • Grayscale Summer: Sweet Dresses in Black, White & Gray: When bright & sunny days roll around, the majority of …

  • Grayscale Summer: Sweet Dresses in Black, White & Gray: When bright & sunny days roll around, the majority of …

  • Shellamor

    LOVE these! All of them – nice finds!

  • These are great! Love that polka dot halter too!

    • Isn’t it so classic?? Love it!

  • Do you have any suggestions for dress shapes?? I am lovin’ the sweetheart neckline that most of these dresses have!

  • Love these. I’m always a fan of greyscale clothing. Especially now, since there’s so much neon EVERYWHERE. I was okay with it on others when it was a fringe trend (like neutrals with neon trim) but dear god, it just hurts my eyes now.

    • Yeah, I have a neon orange and “neon mint” (if that’s a thing?) dress in my closet right now that I’m still a little scared to wear! I am going to review it soon, though, so out of my comfort zone I go! This post is FULL of my comfort zone, haha.