Hidden Treasures: H&M Home

As if the surprise of H&M’s online presence wasn’t enough, upon investigating the new playground that is the H&M website, I’m pretty sure the entire country collectively gasped when they came upon the H&M Home Collection.

You’d think that with an inventory like H&M’s, they wouldn’t really be able to hold out on us, but alas… The H&M Home Collection isn’t sold in stores, but has capture the heart of the Internet over the last two weeks with no signs of stopping.

The collection, as far as I can sum up, is full of things for obsessive people… like me. Do I think H&M had me in mind when designing this stuff? Yeah, probably. It a minimalist’s dream, photographer’s playground, a cat lady’s paradise (there were many, many cat duvets and cat pillows and cat everything before it all sold out!), and also a typophile’s spank-bank. Every decent home decor trend is represented thoroughly throughout the collection, and is well worth a look, even if it’s just to se the juicy H&M price.

I’m watching things disappear right before my eyes, as I’m browsing. If you see something you like, you should probably jump on it! It’s a quickly shrinking inventory, it seems.

Here are a couple of collections I put together:

For the Photography Nerd

There are so many photographic prints in this collection that I’m thinking of just covering my walls with shower curtains and duvet covers in decorative frames.

H&M Home: Photographic Prints

1. Wolf Pillowcase, $5.95
2. Fire Escape Shower Curtain, $19.95
3. Wood Print Curtain, $17.95
4. Flowers Duvet Set, $29.95
5. Silver Discs Cushion Cover, $4
6. Fawn Pillowcase, $6.95
7. Tree Branch Plate, $6.95

For Typophiles

Whether it’s clean and light type or heavy-handed fonts that you like, it’s here. I promise.

H&M Home: Typography For Typophiles

1. Sugar 20″ x 20″ Linen Cushion Cover, $17.95
2. Small Plate, $3.95
3. NYC Railway Shower Curtain, $19.95
4. Black Letter Hook, $3.95
5. White Number Hook, $3.95
6. Storage Basket, $6.95
7. 2-Pack Admit One Guest Towels, $9.95
8. 2-Pack Candles, $3.95
9. Do It Yourself 16″ x 16″ Cushion Cover, $5.95

See the rest of H&M Home!