How the Internet Wears: Black and White Striped Pants

First, there were brightly colored pants. Then, there were patterned pants. Then, there were floral and flocked jeans. Then, there were more patterned pants, and now we’re just cutting to the chase and wearing Beetlejuice pants.

I have nothing bad to say about this. Not only to I wildly approve of vertical, graphic stripes – but I wildly approve of anything Beetlejuice-related. 

Before you go teasing your hair and applying eyeshadow with the back of a soup ladle, let me just say that these are actually really sophisticated and classy when executed correctly! Of course, the internet is full of obvious Tim Burton fans covering these in 4″ platform boots and ripped Pink Floyd t-shirts – which is totally fine. It was totally fine five years ago, and even ten years ago when Hot Topic employees wore it in 2002, so it’s totally fine for you. If you’re into that.

But I like a challenge. Making circus pants relevant to people of all ages and styles is just a good deed. For my eyes.

How the Internet Wears: Black & White Striped Pants

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Would you wear such graphic/bold pants?

Here is a collection of black & white striped pants and jeans for under $75!

Probably watching Netflix.