Inside Jonathan Adler’s Head(s)

I’ve been a fan of Jonathan Adler since I first saw his desk set when I was in high school. I had no business coveting a $30 set of pencils and stationery, but every time I passed it in the swanky bookstore, I prayed for a “70% reduced!” sticker. Alas, I think it’s against the Universe’s divine plan for Jonathan Adler to be on 70% sale, so my well-designed fantasy remains unfulfilled.

Coming upon these pottery vases from Adler’s Utopia collection made me feel that same pull. Considering I spotted my now-favorite Jonathan Adler candle in my local market the other day for thirty freaking dollars, I’m pretty excited that I found something permanent andĀ prominentĀ for less than $100.

Jonathan Adler Utopia Angel/Devil Vase

Utopia Angel/Devil Vase, $98

Jonathan Adler Utopia Bud Vase

Utopia Boy/Girl Vase, $28

Jonathan Adler Utopia Hipster Vases

Utopia Williamsburg Vase, $28

The rest of the collection holds the same quirky-meets-modernist appeal and everything is this great, antiqued white – I am of the opinion that it goes with everything. I can picture all of these in various places around my pad… I love these hipster heads, but I’m extra-coveting this captain/sailor mug and this boy/girl mug!

  • too cute! love the boy/girl mug

  • You know there’s Jonathan Adler stuff at Barnes & Noble, right? At least I’m pretty sure it’s JA.

    • Yes! That’s where I saw my coveted desk set in high school. :3 Also, Metropolitan Market has started carrying his candles? That was the $30 or $40 candle I was talking about… If you ever come across a JA Earl Grey candle, steal it! (Don’t steal it. /liability)

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