Link Love

I love being reminded of how great the internet is. Over the last week, I have beefed up so much of my self-education! I got some serious food photography tips, learned some amazing tricks about styling hair, and even got a science lesson in there, involving avocados! Not too shabby for a week on the internet.

And there were a lot of babes, too. Babes make everything better.

On to the links!

Cherry Dollface

Aforementioned Babe of the Week: Cherry Dollface. One of my friends suggested I check out her YouTube channel, TheCherryDollface, because… damn, girl can do some hair! Like, really! She makes creating vintage/pin-up hairstyles look so easy, it’s a little bit scary. Victory rolls, bouffants, updo’s… She’s even got some killer makeup tips, and I love that she uses 90% drugstore brand cosmetics!

She’s also got a personality that I adore. There’s no pretentious beauty talk here, it’s just like listening to a good friend tell you how to draw on the perfect cat eye.

YouTube people: they’re just like us!

This is a pretty cool infographic about the fashion trends over the years that were influenced by TV characters.

Diane Von Furstenberg has a… lipstick tree in her backyard?

Remember Tai’s makeover in Clueless? Refinery29 broke down the cost, and it ain’t pretty. (Though, Refinery29 could use a bit of help from the B&B community when it comes to finding deals…)

How to Love Your Authentic Self by Lori Deschene at Tiny Buddha has given me some important reminders this week.

BNTO Jar Sauce Attachments

I’m a big fan of taking your meals with you when you’ll be gone for a while. I mostly just love to constantly be eating, but also, it saves a bunch of money, and typically can save your body from things like questionable sandwiches at nameless restaurant chains or Jack’s Spicy Chicken. I love the ideas of these BNTO containers that attach to mason jars to keep liquids & solids separate! Soggy salad is g-r-o-s-s.

Speaking of snacking, read this in case you need 10 reasons to eat an avocado per day. (I don’t, but it’s good info!)

This is a really good list of 10 food photography tips from one of my favorite food blogs!

Chocolate Cupcakes with Marshmallow Frosting

I made these small-batch of chocolate cupcakes (makes only 8) and they were CRAZY GOOD. [Not-a-Pro Tip: Replace the oil with yogurt if you hate putting oil into stuff!]

Did you know I’m crazy into food? I occasionally post about it on my personal blog! Baking is my anti-drug.

Beautiful Tattoo

Hey, design nerds! I’m one of you! I’ve been creeping around Pinterest and beefing up my Tattoo & Design Love boards.

Find anything awesome?

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