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So much crazy news this week, and all the best links are here – from brilliant buskers to “fatkinis!”

Remember when people would tell you (or, um, your friend) that their jeans were so tight, they looked sprayed on? Well, that might become a real thing.

Striped Beach towel


20 ways to use a regular, ol’ scarf!

Maybe this is just me & my ultimate laziness is showing, but finding this tutorial on how to fold your hoodie into a laptop sleeve has saved me more than once…


Gregory Porter is a NYC busker and he will have you swooning with his old-school style. 

Gabi Gregg released her own capsule collection of “fatkini” swimsuits and they’re gorgeous! Nadia was in on the shoot and has some of the promotional photos (the theme was Spring Breakers).

If you want to feel like a lazy bum, check out all of the things Angelina Jolie did over the multiple months of double-mastectomy-related surgeries.

You – yes, you! -could make your very own shirt-with-ombré-sleeves.

TRESemmé just launched a YouTube channel that has over 100 hair-related video tutorials

Leave your best links below!

Probably watching Netflix.

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