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Okay, we officially had a summer fake-out because, for the last 3 days, it’s been cold. Just cold. Rainy, sometimes – but cold. While walking home from the store, and doing my usual “passing people so stare at the ground” move, I saw my socks & tall boots shuffling through all the rain-bludgeoned leaves, avoiding puddles (& wet, anyway) and thought: [Expletive.] (Which translates roughly to “Ugh, Seattle, why are you such a flake?”) I totally fell for 80ºF-in-May fake out! What a noob.

I know I’ll get more sun, soon, but damnit! I was just getting into the summer groove and now I’m just back to being an angsty, passive resident of the PacNW.

This concludes your weekly update on my feelings about the weather. 

On to the links!

A definitive answer has been given as to the pronunciation of “gif,” via a moderately credible source: the dude who invented them.

Lauren Conrad has 10 tips for decorating your home from scratch. We’ve all been there (or are there…)!

This post brings out my CRAZY sunglasses lust!

Courtney from Those Graces is taking a cross country road trip and she’s coming to see ME.

Polka Dots

This is why I like polka dots, guys. 

Leah from Fabulous on a Budget shares her summer skincare must-haves. No skin-roasting, ladies!

It’s posts like this one from My Style Pill that reconfirm my beliefs that Ann Taylor is an underrated brand.

Do you ever ponder Myspace Angles? Do you ever ponder it enough to write a full, scientific report about them?

I’ve rekindled my love for Pinterest – subsequently, I have been going insane with the pinnings.


When you think you have nothing to cook, check this article


Like it? Make it.

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Probably watching Netflix.

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