Link Love: Tumblr Edition!

How great is Tumblr, you guys!? Do I sound like 2008? I know, right? Not that cool.

I am constantly amazed at how many kick-ass Tumblr blogs are out there, and even more amazed at how many new ones crop up each day! I’ve been on a rampage when it comes to finding new ones – I find myself gravitating further away from fashion blogs as opposed to towards them! Never thought that’d be the case.

Lavender Hot Cocoa with Ice Cream

Image from Paper Lattes

Here are some fabulous Tumblr blogs I’ve found lately:

Remain Simple: Holy cow, what a gorgeous blog! Full of beautiful images pertaining to food, style, interior design, and snapshots from lives you wish were yours.

Les Mean Girls: I’ve mentioned this on Twitter before, but this Tumblr posts mash-ups of Les Miserables scenes with quotes from Mean Girls. Don’t question it, just roll with it.

Things Organized Neatly: I know, I know, I mentioned it in a past Link Love, but this immaculate Tumblr is so stress-relieving and easy on the eyes – I had to mention it again.

Curve Appeal: (Not always Safe For Work) Tons of beautiful self-submitted images of women who defy conventional beauty standards by loving themselves as they are, no matter what their size!

Paper Lattes: This blog never fails to cheer me up when I feel like life is taking a turn for the hard. Lots of positive energy with a healthy lifestyle spin.

Pen15: Remember the joke from grade school?* This is a surprising and fantastic art blog by an adult film star who goes by the name of Dani Daniels. This well-known lady-pornstar is actually a fantastic artist and does what she called “lyric stippling” which creates beautiful portraits of musicians from their own lyrics.

Hat Sweater

Wit & Delight: I’ve been following Wit & Delight, the blog-blog, for years and the Tumblr is just as full of uplifting & unique imagery.

Tiny Houses : Small Spaces: Obviously, I’m a fan of small spaces in homes, so this blog does not disappoint!

Visual Graphc: Graphic design nerd alert – follow this if you are tantalized by Things Organized Neatly, you will probably like this blog! Also, font freaks!

Redefining Body Image: This is an important blog, everyone! From beautiful images of women (and men and everything in between and around genders) to significant discussions & opinions on societal beauty standards & their enforcement by the media.

What are your favorite Tumblr blogs?
(Post your own in the comments!)

* Pen15: You’d ask a friend if they wanted to join the “Pen Fifteen club,” and when they agreed (because all grade-school kids are desperate for acceptance, obviously) so when you ink them with a Sharpie to initiate them by writing “PEN15” on their hand, they feel double-dejection. Ahhh, kids.