Affordable Line to Love: Motel at ASOS

There are tons of great lines at ASOS, but one of my favorites is Motel. They are great at bold prints, audacious shapes and really, really cute dresses.

View Motel at ASOS.

Pretty much all of the dresses are under $100, and they are definitely worth taking a look at if you like to have unique, interesting pieces in your closet. What I mean by this is there are mermaid-colored sequins.

Motel Sequin Mini Dress

Motel Sequin Mini Dress, $97.88

So mermaidy. I like the long sleeves, too. It makes the extreme shortness of the hem less, uh, saucy?

Right now, their inventory seems to consist largely of 1990’s throwback pieces. Roses, daisies, sheer, lace… all of the fabric food groups are represented. Pair those with babydoll dresses and body-conscious mini-skirts, and you’ve got yourself a grunge-y resurrection.

Motel 90s Throwback Fashion

L-R: Daisy Smock Dress, $75.94; Margie Denim Dress with Sheer Sleeves, $70.88; Butterfly Crop Sweater in Purple, $67.50;

There are even highly questionable but sickly intriguing daisy print overalls.

Motel Daisy Print Overalls

Daisy Print Overall Jumpsuit, $101.26

You gotta really want that jumpsuit to shell out $100 for it, but someone out there does. Someone.

They also have a lot of more… current ideas, too. Typography, graphic prints, and leather are all really relevant in fashion, and they’re all on Motel’s mind.

Motel Modern Dresses

L-R: Jet Playsuit, $81; Bronte Pencil Skirt, $59.07; Scoop Back Sequin Skater Dress, $48.94; Henrietta Alphabet Print Smock Dress, $29.53; Midi Dress in Two Tone, $64.13;  Sav Contrast Dress, $75.94

See? Plenty of things to want right now. Particularly that midi skirt and random letters dress. But moooostly all of it.

Have you purchased something from Motel before?
What’s your favorite piece from their line?

Probably watching Netflix.