Obsession: Motel Print Skirt

Last weekend, I came upon this most bizarre, but most intriguing skirt in the New Arrivals section of Topshop.

After much contemplation and mild obsession, I decided that I really, really, really needed to have it and the sooner the better. Immediately would be best, if I’m being honest. I should probably already have it. Why don’t I already have it?

Motel Print Skirt Topshop

Motel Print Skirt from Topshop, $56

I’ve always loved photo prints on fashion. Though, the photo prints I wore in 7th grade were collages, and they were about as sensical as an oversized photo of a motel on a skirt. They combined blocks of cursive writing with blue leopard print and photos of the eiffel tower and were made from the finest polyester, so… You know what? If fashion made sense, only boring, sane people would like it, so who cares?

  • You HAVE to get this skirt!
    It’s incredible!
    My only fear is that it’s so tight, you can’t tuck anything in or it would look lumpy? a cropped but not belly baring top would be fantastic!
    OOOH please get it and model it!

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