Monday Wedgie: Blowfish Geeper Wedges

After last week’s low wedge, many of you commented and showed some major love for lower, more walkable wedges. I’m a fan, too! I live in downtown Seattle where walking shoes are a must and in the summer, you won’t catch me in my leather hi-tops because feet be sweatin’ and that’s gross.


Blowfish’s “Geeper” wedge  ($39.99 at DSW) is the perfect height, and I’m a sucker for anything that looks like a natural fiber. (The actual fabric is listed as:  “fabric,” if you’re curious. Yeah.)

These also appeal to me because my neutral, nude-colored slingbacks just left a few weeks ago because we got into a huge fight about awkward heel height, so there’s a big gap in my shoe arsenal. Slingbacks who?

 Blowfish “Geeper” Wedge, $39.99


Probably watching Netflix.