Monday Wedgie: Neutral Polka Dot Wedges

Polka dot wedges – is this really the first on the blog? Hard to believe… I can hear the Kate Spade addicts foaming a bit – these aren’t the Genuine Article, but they do come in three colors and will absolutely make you happy while you wear them.

2 Lips Too Dottie Wedge Pumps

Perfectly graphic, perfectly neutral. I like closed-toe wedges, too, because a) they’re more hard to find (unless they’re a boot) and b) they’re good for random “HEY GUESS WHAT IT’S RAINING!” Seattle moments.

2 Lips Too Dottie Wedge Pumps Those black & white wedges are appealing, too, thanks to the everywhere-ness of graphic black & white fashion. There’s something about that tan & black pair, though… So unusual and appealing!

Check it out: 2 Lips Too “Too Dottie” Wedges at DSW, $49.95

These are begging for black or dark blue skinny jeans. Can’t you see it? It doesn’t really matter what else you’re wearing, these are going to be the focal point whether you like it or not.


Probably watching Netflix.

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