Monday Wedgie: Nine West Digs Sandal

In honor of this past weekend of PRIDE, and the repeal of DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act), I figured today was as good a day as any to get flamboyant.

I searched for the loudest, most “out & proud” wedges I could find that didn’t sacrifice, you know, looking good in the name of look at me! I cruised around DSW until I found the perfect balance of loud, bright, walkable and almost tacky
Nine West Dig Peacock Wedges
Peacock just seems appropriate, doesn’t it? This pair is $99, but stay tuned, because there’s more to that story than just a number.
Not only are they perfectly constructed with a totally-walkable heel height, but they come in so many colors/patterns. There’s a flavor for everyone!
Nine West Digs Wedges All Colors
The majority of these styles (except for the top left and the peacock pair) are  discounted to $49.99! I don’t know why or how they chose to only leave two as the spendy pairs, but I’m game for $49.99, any day.

Did you celebrate PRIDE weekend?

 What does your city do to celebrate equality?