Monday Wedgie: Silver Sandals

I’ve been loving the idea of silver as a neutral lately. Can’t take credit for it, unfortunately, as I’ve been seeing it everywhere which forces me to harbor lot of impatient wanting, let me tell you.

When it comes to metallic, I have to be careful because the wrong fabric can absolutely destroy the cool of a metallic garment. I am warming up to the idea of metallic on pants, and the gold/bronze tints I’ve seen on jeans lately is really attractive. Shoes are the most beautiful place for metallics, I think, because of the way they’re shaped. The light plays with those quick curves really well.

Typically, metallic on shirts is not something I want to associate myself with. That sweaty guy at the club, on the other hand…

So then I found these wedges.

Monday Wedgie: Tildon Lindy Wedges, $69.95

Tildon Lindy Wedge, $69.95

I want to put these with emerald green everything! My sister got me hooked on the combo of green & silver, and now it’s burned into my soul as something I need. On the other hand, I have been fantasizing about silver shoes for years.

I like these way these gals rock a silver heel!

Probably watching Netflix.