Monday Wedgie: Studded Jute Wedge

Jute screams “hot weather,” to me. Same thing goes for espadrilles – you just don’t see them in the winter. After Seattle’s random and intense heat wave last week (what is 80º?), I’ve kind of accepted that summer is here and my badass biker boots may have to entertain themselves for a couple of months.

…But I’m not losing my studs.

strappy jute wedge espadrille with studs

I also can’t do ~*~mules~*~ (worst shoe name ever) because a) I hate the way they look and b) I’m 99% positive that, were I to wear them, one would somehow fly off my foot like some kind of horrible, strapless projectile and destroy a part of someone’s face. It just feels inevitable. But adding one tiny, little strap around the heel makes it into a whole different ball game. What could have been sheer, angry hatred is now lustful, appreciative affection.

Check it out: Tonal Jute Wedge from Charlotte Russe, $35.50

I love that they’re so badass and still so summer-y. Plus, the contrast between the jute and the studded leather gives it a really saucy curve that looks really feminine! They’re neutral, so I’d wear them with pretty much all the things. Forever. The end.

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