Monday Wedgie: Zigi Soho Junelee Wedge Booties

This season has been the season of the heeled boots. I have acquired two pairs, and have been essentially living in them. The only problem with them… they’re not wedges. (A commonly encountered problem among shoes.)

Especially in the winter, when everything is cold and sucks, I cling to wedges for their heightened (ha) stability.

Monday Wedgie: Zigi Soho Junelee Wedges

These ankle boots from Zigi Soho are pretty much my ideal wedge boot. They have a great wedge, awesome color, a big, unnecessary strap, and even some cool rivet-nail-things! I like that the front of the vamp comes up a little higher than the back, it adds a little “better than you” edge, as I like to call it. No straight-across cuts here! The front of our shoes are higher than the back because custom and fancy.

There is a side zipper, so you won’t have to worry yourself with Big Unnecessary Strap, and they also come in black if you’re into that sort of thing.

Check it out!: Zigi Soho Junelee Booties, $59.99 at DSW


  • Aneeta21

    This colour suits for the autumn, but the black one is perfect for the winter, I think.