Neon Sneakers to Brighten Your Day

These winter months can really dull your spirit. Everyone’s wearing layers upon layers of thermal this or micro-fleece that… The only colors in my Pacific Northwestern neck of the woods are earth tones and whatever colors That One NorthFace Jacket comes in. In Chicago, the once-vibrant city became a sea of Michelin-man-style puffy jackets – which looked a lot like living in a black, caterpillar-populated metropolis. Kind of depressing.

This is one of the only times that the neon trend appeals to me. I’m not a fan of highlighter=esque hues, regularly, but the thought of these neons next to white snow, or standing out on overcast days makes me smile.

Neon Sneakers Babe

Bright Sneakers Under $75


Neon Sneakers Under $75

Sugar Hyper Sneaker, $59.95

Neon Sneakers under $75!

Betsey Johnson Nexuss in Yellow & Blue, $54.99

Neon Sneakers Under $75

Vans Authentic Hi Sneaker, $50

Neon Sneakers under $75

Adidas Originals Orion 2, $34.99

Neon Sneakers Under $75

Ash Virgin Buckled Sneakers, $69.30

Neon Sneakers Under $75

Supra Wrap Sequin Sneaker*, $36.99
* Bonus sequins.

Hopefully, these will bring a little bit of excitement into your day, no matter what hemisphere you’re in.

Probably watching Netflix.

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