Small space: 290 square feet in Woolloomooloo

A “convertible studio” doesn’t really sound like a super stable living environment, does it? Coming home a bit tipsy, unable to find your own bed… Bringing someone back to your place so you can “quickly convert it over to a livable interior” doesn’t really exude sex appeal, does it? (Actually…)

My first imagery reflects the “apartment” belonging to Korben Dallas in The Fifth Element. A bed that slides out of the wall covered in plastic wrap, a refrigerator that sinks into the floor to reveal a shower, and a cigarette dispenser. I mean, yeah, the future is cool and technology is amazing, but I am not a cab driver in South Brooklyn in the 23rd century, you know what I mean?

Woolloomooloo Small Space 1

This space, designed by Nicholas Gurney in Sydney, Australia, is only 290 square feet. That the size of about two bedrooms, total. Six bathrooms. A one-car garage.

Seem a bit unfeasible? I don’t blame you. This space – while it’s nice & light, which makes it feel much more open and welcoming – is really freaking small. My studio apartment in Chicago was about 400 square feet and I was basically living on top of my cohabitant. Imagining how this space can contain one person is a puzzle. Where do you sleep? 

Woolloomooloo Small Space 2

Woolloomooloo Small Space 3

….Oh. Ohhh.

A panel of wall slides on tracks to reveal a full sized bed, closet, drawers and a bookshelf.

Woolloomooloo Small Space 4

Thanks to the embedded space, the majority of the remaining area can be used for… whatever. Look at all that natural light!

While this place is beautiful in its minimalism, I can’t help but imagine what some Custom Canvas pieces would look like hanging on the walls. I love big, graphic art pieces!

Woolloomooloo Small Space 5

Did you even notice the full kitchen? An oven, flat stovetop, and beautiful sink and surrounded by more storage than my 1910 apartment offers, that’s for sure. Black faucet, black sink? Are you kidding? That’s gorgeous.

I assume that, to the left of the kitchen resides a bathroom – otherwise I’m confused and even more impressed.

Could you live in this space?