Statement Shoes in Velvet

My love of ostentatious shoes knows no bounds. I love fall & winter for obnoxious-shoe-wearing because usually, you’re so bundled and jacketed all the time that you don’t really get to be too flashy. Unless you’re like me and have a burgeoning collection of pastel trench coats… But that’s not enough!

Closed-toe shoes in all kinds of exciting materials and patterns make my heart explode. I’ve been cruising my favorite shops for weeks, waiting to see the influx of loud-ass shoes for me to start drooling over. Good news: they’re finally here.

There’s something about velvet that is just gaudy enough that I love it but still graphic and minimal to the point where I feel comfortable wearing it. I know it’s a pretty winter-specific motif, typically, and I am clearly drinking the kool-aid.  Three words: purple velvet oxfords.

Boohoo Zoe Velvet Platform Boots

Boohoo Zoe Velvet Platform Boots, $70

If velvet is your thing, but red isn’t your color, they also have these beauties in bright blue.

Purple Velvet Oxfords

ModCloth Make Mine Malbec Oxfords, $69.99

ASOS Ditto Velvet Sneakers

ASOS Ditto Velvet Sneakers, $75.94

ASOS Check Tock Shoe Boots

ASOS Chock Tock Shoe Boots, $30.38

Topshop Metro Velvet Lace Up Shoes

Topshop Metro Velvet Lace Up Shoes, $45

Whether or not velvet shoes are you thing (particularly if you live in, um, rainy areas…) – that’s up to you. I, for one, can’t resist the idea of something so soft and fuzzy in a place where leather & let be honest… plastic. Putting something historically luxurious on shoes that won’t destroy my ability to pay rent? Yeah, I’ll definitely admit that’s a weakness.

Would you, could you, wear velvet shoes?

Probably watching Netflix.

One thought on “Statement Shoes in Velvet

  • September 30, 2013 at 4:42 pm

    Those oxfords are perfect. I’d want the last pair, too, if the sole wasn’t so thick!

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