Playlist: Spring

There’s something different about the transition from winter into spring. Instead of just a temperature change, there’s also a phoenix-like resurgence of life that is unlike anything else. Cold & dark turns into warm & light, life literally burst out of death, and people start wearing lighter jackets that are almost always more fun to look at.

Spring is a beautiful thing. It’s somewhat magical, a little bit amazing and utterly captivating. Now that we no longer have to use our own energy to generate warmth, we can slow down, take a look around, and just enjoying being wherever we are.

I think that deserves a playlist that encourages, accompanies, and immortalizes that experience.

B&B Spring Playlist 2013

Darlin’ Ukelele by Jolie Holland
Marseilles by Hey Marseilles
Clap Your Hands by Clap Your Hands Say Yeah!
Nantes by Beirut
A Nervous Tic by Andrew Bird
Sweden by C418
Chicago (Acoustic) by Sufjan Stevens
Innan Du Går by Theresa Andersson & Ane Brun
Blackbird by Jeff Beck
Play by Flunk
Dreaming My Life Away by Best Coast
Skeletons (Acoustic) by Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Journeyman by Amon Tobin
Elements by Lemon Jelly

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Probably watching Netflix.