Watch For: Matty M.

There are so many brands that I come across randomly, fall in love with, and promise myself I’ll remember. The frequency of which I actually follow through in looking up said brands is… predictably and extremely low.

I don’t really want to become one of those people who takes notes while they’re shopping (as if my constant need to comment on other people’s belongings and know how much they paid wasn’t “ZOMG HAI IMA FASHION BLARGER” enough), so I usually end up gambling on my memory, and sadly… losing.

But the Universe is occasionally kind, and recently it threw one of the brands across my frame of view and I am so thankful.

Matty M. is a little brand I’ve seen scattered throughout outlet shops like Nordstrom Rack and the like. They always have interesting pieces that are edgy-ish but not short-lived or “trendy.” That is the perfect formula for a good investment because it means you’ll love how unique it is for a long time without it getting too “past-tense.” (Does that make sense? Is being “past-tense” a thing? I hope it’s a thing.)

Matty M. Sweater Coat

Sweater Jacket, $94

I am such a sucker for sweater coats. I have several, because I like the idea of walking around in a sleeping bag made of soft.

Tops by Matty M.

Pop Blouse, $27.97; Anya Lace Blouse, $79

See what I mean about “Special-But-Not-Too-Special”? Each of these tops are totally bold and eye-catching, but they’re going to be wearable for years because they’re basic… but not totally boring.

Matty M. Jeweled Skirt

Jeweled Skirt, $98

I don’t need to explain why this skirt is great. Look at the damn thing! IT’S WONDERFUL.

You can find Matty M. at Piperlime and Bluefly. Both are great, but actually, you’ll find the most Matty M. (with ridiculous prices) on eBay!

Probably watching Netflix.