WYW: Lucite Heels?

I spent twenty minutes trying to come up with a joke about lucite that wasn’t boring or overused, and I’m pretty sure that the best joke about lucite is the joke refrained from, at this point. So there you go. Intro, done.

Calvin Klein Lucite Wedges


Calvin Klein Mattie Wedge, $99

I am just going to be straight with you and say that I am not a fan.* I’m not, sorry. It looks really cheap to me and, despite the irony, I hate cheap stuff. (Did I really just say that?) I mean, I don’t like cheap-looking stuff, be it worth a nickel or a Benjamin.

While I feel like lucite heels are a better option than, say, heelless shoes a la Gaga, I’m still not sold. Maybe they look great in a new, modern, Margiela-esque way, but I guess that’s not my style. Is it? I don’t know I just can’t find a place for these in my closet.

Lucite Wedge Heels

*Now that I have published this, publicly, on the internet, I will undoubtedly find myself longing uncontrollably for lucite wedges in 4-8 months.