(A)DD: Charles Albert Rainy Boots

We just had our first (of hopefully a few…!) snows in Seattle, and it stayed cold enough that the western Washington area was white and snowy for almost a week! But now, the temps are rising to a balmy 44°F, and that means… slush. Lots of it. Slush that seeps up the back of your pants and into your socks and it’s cold and then humid and – just awful.Charles Albert Rainy BootsFortunately, there’s a simple solution, and there are tons of those simple solutions on sale right now, thanks to Shopping Season™.

I found these very cute Charles Albert “Rainy” boots on 6pm for a measly $25. They’re marked down from $75 for some reason, and are available in all (whole – no half) sizes 6-11. They aren’t “proper rain boots” (I’ll have to spend the rest of the day seeking those out, yes?) but I am a hardware junkie, and I love the bright gold on the zipper and buckles.


Just a basic black boot to get you through the winter months! I mean, a little more than basic if you’re being technical, but the back zipper on a boot is one of my favorite features and definitely makes boots stand out from the crowd!

Check it out!: Charles Albert Rainy Boots, was $74.99 now $24.99 at 6pm

Remember how I live in leggings? These are the boots to wear with leggings. (I get that question more than any other question!)

Probably watching Netflix.