(A)DD: Crown Vintage Wallflower Heels

Now is a good time to get your hands on some shoes that maybe don’t really fall into a seasonal category. We’re firmly into fall now, so all of those late-summer, confused shoes are on big sale. These Crown Vintage Wallflower heels – almost-slingback, almost-booties, almost-sandals rank pretty highly on the “timeless” scale and are on a ridiculous sale (in three colors!) at DSW.

Crown Vintage Wallflower Heels

Navy blue is kind of an unexpected color in this style, in my opinion. Navy shoes have such a fuddy-duddy, almost frumpy reputation that could use some refreshing, now that it’s nearly 2015!

I like this style for many reasons, which is exciting since it’s kind of out of my comfort zone. First of all, I love the Nubuck leather. “Nubuck” indicates the brushed, almost suede-like finish on the leather.  I don’t have many nubuck or suede shoes, but it has less to do with the weather than accessibility. There just aren’t many suede shoes that tickle my fancy, but these are definitely tickling. (?)

I also believe that these will look cute with both bare feet and tights, which is a necessity for me. The stacked heel and the secretary-like lacing in the front are two of the larger selling points, but the biggest one is definitely the price.

Check it out!: Crown Vintage Wallflower Heels, were $89 now $19.94 at DSW

These have a definite vintage feel, and I think that they’ll pair nicely with outfits in that same vein. Pencil skirts, or a-line dresses would each be cute with these. I have a feeling that colorful tights will have a quick bond with these shoes, as well.