(A)DD: H&M Fine Knit Faux Leather Cardigan

The layers that were so uncomfortable to even think about four months ago are now on my mind in a big way.

HM Fine Knit Faux Leather Sleeve Cardigan

You might think that those big, long blocks of black at the forearms is faux leather – well, if you didn’t, I did. It’s not! It’s just a nice, solid, black color block at the wrist.

H&M’s sales are always jarring. It might just be that their product photos are well-done and they all look effortlessly stylish, then you glance at the sale price and almost surely do a double-take.

HM fine knit and faux leather cardiganThe knit is really fine and the garment ends up being really thin, which is good because you can easily layer a Real Coat over it and then just lounge about in your long, edgy knit once you arrive at your destination.

The sale price on this is only $9.99, available in all sizes, marked down from $17.95 (which is still a steal).

Check it out!: Fine Knit Faux Leather Sleeve Cardigan, was $17.95 now $9.99 at H&M

My second favorite part of this sweater is the dramatic drop shoulders. The shoulder seams run all the way along the top of the arm until it meets with the faux leather. This seaming makes the sleeves hang off the shoulder in a really cool way that king of weighs an otherwise light fabric down for a little bit of balance.

Probably watching Netflix.

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