(A)DD: H&M+ Printed Leggings

Winter is all about leggings. They’re cozy little layers of insulation under everything from long dresses to jeans. When you live in a place with a mild-ish winter, though, it’s surprising how often they seem to function as stand-alone pants.

You’d think it’d be too cold for leggings as pants, but as soon as some tall socks, cozy boots, and knit pieces get involved, things change.

I have been fortunate enough to come across more than my fair share of long, knit, not-sack-like sweaters and a few mini-dresses that seem like they were made for leggings. After a while, basic black gets pretty boring, so spotting these H&M+ Printed Leggings for $12.95 made my heart skip! If you’re not bored of black leggings, fear not – they’re available at the same price, on the same page. Calm donw.

As I said, these are H&M+, meaning “plus sizes,” so the available sizes are L-3X. I am a size 12-14, typically, and I can get into size L leggings from H&M’s “standard size” lines. The only size unavailable in all patterns is 2x.

Check it out!: H&M+ Printed Jersey Leggings, $12.95 at H&M

Right now, H&M has a rare coupon code that saves you 30% when you spend $50 or more! These leggings don’t qualify on their own, but if you’re doing some holiday shopping (or self-indulgent shopping, whichever is fine) and want to top off your cart with a coupon code, 2896 is the magic number!


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