(A)DD: Linea Pelle Twill & Leather Waist Belt

What an awesome Friday find we have today! Linea Pelle is renowned for leatherwork when it comes to accessories, and you may have seen the Linea Pelle name attached to some seriously gorgeous handbags. But did you know that oftentimes, excellent shoe and handbag brands actually hand an entire line of accessories to offer each season?

For real, check out your favorite brands’ websites and see what you’re missing!

Almost Daily Deal: Linea Pelle Twill and Leather BElt

This stretch twill and leather waist belt is largely equestrian, exceptionally versatile, and at just under 3″ wide, is perfect for adding just the right amount of definition to dresses, cardigans, or whatever it is you’re into belting lately.

I love the “whisky” color of the leather and, honestly, I want to see it with a black dress. Namely, I really want to wear it with this black dress. Button-down, kind of a dark version of a country-girl dress… It’s perfect for this kind of rugged sophistication.

Check it out!: Linea Pelle Leather & Twill Belt, was $52 now $20

If you have enough brown belts, you can take a look at the slate & black color combination, which is decidedly more toned down and muted, for the same crazy sale price. I prefer the warmer, brighter leather but that’s just me and you’re just you! Which do you prefer?

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