(A)DD: Madeline Poole x The New Black, The Digital Underground Nail Collections

Who is Madeline Poole?

Madeline Pool - Nail Artist

Unless you’re obsessed with staying on the cutting edge of nail art, you likely have no clue who this charming, robed woman is. Madeline Poole is a freelance nail artist in Los Angeles, CA. She is known for her amazing gradients, and even has a few of her own nail art tutorials to help you on your journey to manicure perfection. If you want to go above & beyond, she also authored a book of 25 DIY nail art ideas.

Now, what is The New Black?

The New Black is a brand of nail polish that prides itself on representing the design side of nail artistry. All of their polishes are free of parabens!

Together, Madeline Poole and The New Black created three sets of nail lacquers (two of which I found on sale today) that are sure to get a ton of use, whether it’s together, or mixed in with the rest of your nail polish arsenal.

Madeline Poole x The New Black "Nile Collection"

Nile is a collection of rich, jewel tones inspired by the great river of the Africa. The four base colors include bright blue, bright red, a wine stained purple, glittering black, and a dark, multi-tonal glitter “striper brush” polish that comes in a tall, skinny bottle with a similarly shaped brush for detailing and, well, striping.

Madeline Poole x The New Black "Seine Collection"

Seine is a love letter to France, and comes with hues reminiscent of fall leaves and warm coats. The four base colors are light peach, rusty orange, creamy navy blue and an eggshell white. The striper brush included in this set is a bright gold glitter that beautifully accents these toasty colors.

Each set has endless possible combinations, outside of simply wearing each color on its own, which would be gorgeous as ever. (I can’t stop looking at that navy blue creme polish from the Seine set.)

If you’re drawing a blank in regards to what kind of nail genius could result from these collections, check out Madeline Poole’s “Glasswork” tutorial, featuring the Nile collection!

I found these each on sale for $9.99 at 6pm! Usually, they are $24, so this is a pretty good steal.

Check it out!: The New Black “The Digital Underground” Nail Polish Collections, was $24 now $9.99 at 6pm

If you want even more nail art inspiration, and/or now have a crush on Madeline Poole, check out her Instagram, @mpnails.

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