(A)DD: Portolano Fingerless Knit Gloves

It seems that every year, it’s become tradition to post a pair of Portolano gloves that are marked down to $20. Last year, this beautiful pair of Portolano cashmere gloves (on sale) were so popular that they actually showed up as a gift under my tree from my sister to my mom!

This year, the style is updated but the price is the same. Dark green, wool, fingerless gloves are exactly what I need on my wish list. My favorite color and my favorite style of glove!

Portolano Fingerless Knit GlovesThis wool isn’t knobby like a lot of sweaters from nightmares past, it’s fine and soft and thin, so it fits to your hand’s shape instead of acting like a gigantic, wooly claw at the end of your arm. The tight rib around the wrist means no gap between your sleeve and the gloves.

Check it out!: Portolano Wool Fingerless Gloves, were $65 now $20 at Last Call Neiman Marcus

Fingerless gloves are the best! I can’t deal with things covering my fingernails, because I maybe clean them obsessively and constantly fidget… so fingerless gloves are perfect. Maybe acquiring a pair of Portolano gloves should become a yearly tradition for me instead of just posting about them.


Probably watching Netflix.