(A)DD: Baublebar Pixel Friendship Necklace

I have recently been inspired to build on my jewelry collection. One day last week, while walking around University Village during a Girls’ Day Out, we stopped in to Anthropologie to find a gorgeous, moonstone necklace marked down from $88 to $14.99. Considering there was minimal signage notifying us of any kind of “sale,” we were pretty elated to find such a sneaky deal.

Of course, I balked and flip-flopped about picking one up for myself. Citing my infrequent necklace usage, I intended on passing it up, but my sister nailed me and insisted on buying me one. I immediately put it on because, shocker, I wasn’t wearing a necklace and instantly wished that I had more necklaces.

So, here we have a necklace from Baublebar – a brand I always knew I’d eventually love, once I got over my fear of jewelry.

Daily Deal: Pixel Friendship Necklace Choker

This is the most adventurous my taste in jewelry has ever been. Orange! White! Gold! A necklace! These are all things I have never worn in the realm of jewelry.

But I love this necklace. It’s a weird feeling. I especially love how it looks on (obviously, because that’s the important part):

Daily Deal: Baublebar Friendship Necklace

It packs the most punch in the least visible places, which I guess provides timid jewelry-wearers some comfort. I mean, there is a lot of neon going on here… but the gold bar in the front helps to temper it and class it up.

As you can see from the incongruence in color from photo to photo, this necklace comes in a few different colors. My favorite is the orange, white and grey version, but they also have a yellow, black and white version, and a pink, yellow, black and white version.

Check it out!: Pixel Friendship Necklace, was $34 now $15* at Baublebar

* There is an extra bonus for this Daily Deal and it comes in the form of a coupon code. Enter SALE20 for an extra 20% off of already reduced prices! That makes this $34 necklace only $12!

Probably watching Netflix.

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  • September 16, 2014 at 10:15 pm

    That Gold Bar is Awesome. Can i get that whole Necklace as Gold?

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