ADD: US Polo Assn. Super Skinny Knit Jeans

Earlier this year, I fell into a groove of fashion that left me utterly comfortable and feeling unbearably cool. I discovered a brand of denim that not only fit me like a glove, but also provided me with the pajama-like comfort of jeggings without the faux “pockets drawn on with Sharpie” effect that I hate. The jeans I found are five pocket jeggings that pass as premium denim in every category except comfort level and fabric.

I blown away by the pair of jeans that I got from US Polo Assn., and a lot of that blowing (?) had to do with the price points. They are so crazy affordable that it’s hard to buy other pants. They range around $40 when they’re brand new and not on sale, but the sale prices… We’re talking $15 jeans. 

ADD: US Polo Assn. Knit Skinny Jeans

The pair of denim jeggings that I have are quite jean-like. While these jeggings are still “super skinny” like mine, they’re a primarily cotton knit fabric that screams and shouts comfort in a quiet, sleepy voice. I’m impressed at the range of colors available in this style, and they’re all on sale for just over $15!

I would snag a pair in red immediately! That turquoise is surprisingly fresh, considering we’ve all been beaten over the head with Tiffany Blue-esque colors for the last five years. Black, as always, is a classic, and will be extra matte thanks to the knit fabric.

Check it out!: US Polo Assn. Super Skinny Knit Jeans, $15.35 at Amazon

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