(A)DD: Bar III Ornate Scroll Necklace

I couldn’t resist featuring this as today’s (Almost) Daily Deal because, on a self-indulgent tip, I own it.

Bar III Baroque Necklace

Black Totem Necklace from Choies

Not this exact brand, but I can’t help but notice how extremely identical it is to my necklace from Choies that I reviewed over a year ago! It’s one of my favorite necklaces, second only by my angel wing necklace and definitely the most popular jewelry review on my website. (Out of 7+ years of posts, that’s pretty darn good.)

Black Totem Necklace from Choies

This necklace is a bit more expensive than the one I was lucky enough to receive, but it’s still worth considering, if you love it! I don’t wear mine very often, I save it for special occasions because it really makes a statement. Wearing it with everything would be intense and maybe awesome, but visually exhausting.

Wearing it with neon produced a cool effect, but I still have so many things to try it with. For being such a loud, sculptural necklace, it certainly is easy to wear!

Check it out!: Bar III Jet-Tone Lace Bib Necklace, $32 at Macy’s