Daily Deal: Godinger Cake Stand

Whether you bake or not, this is something seriously beautiful and would look just as fabulous as a display stand as it would a cake stand.

It caught my eye due to its color and squareness. Typically, I only see cake stands that are circular and, to be honest, most of them kind of put me to sleep. I’d never thought about it before, but colorful cake stands are going to make any boring, white cake look 150% more awesome.Godinger Blue Glass Cake StandThis stand also comes in a clear glass, if you’re a pansy. The boldness of the blue has definitely won me over. Kitchens can get so utilitarian and drab that it’s nice to throw something extremely colorful into the mix to brighten it up and make it into a room instead of a utility closet with an oven in it. It’ll always make its surroundings more interesting, regardless of whether it “matches” or not, so what’s the risk?

If you really don’t want to put it in your kitchen or dining area, I would suggest using it for displaying something – perfume bottles, troll dolls, even books would look cooler if they were on this cake stand.  Book stand. Cake or book stand. It’s just a stand, okay!

(It’s also over $60 off, so if you love it, snag it now! Take an additional 10% off with the code SAVE)

Check it out!: Godinger Catalina Blue Cake Stand, $19.98 at Macy’s