Daily Deal: Lush Color Block Romper

Maybe it’s the influx of Coachella fashion emails and posts, but I find myself attracted to rompers lately. A lot of it probably has to do with the fact that it’s basically Summer Pajamas – aka a onesie with all the too-warm parts cut off and that isn’t any easier to pee in.

Pee in, pee while wearing. Whatever.

I’ve never owned a romper, nor have I ever found one that looked comfortable enough to rock all day. Jumpersuits, on the other hand, are just fancy onesies, and I’ve seen countless that I would happily spend a full day in. Shorts? Well, shorts and I have a more delicate relationship… You get what I mean.

Daily Deal: Lush Colorblock Romper

Denim overall shorts… I can’t see myself wearing. Something with “blouson” in the title? That’s more my speed.

This is a blue and green color block romper from Lush. It’s got cutouts in the right (read: safest) places, and even allows for bra-wearing, if you are like me and pretty much wear a bra every single day with every single garment. If that’s not you, then this is a comfortable amount of coverage for you!

Shorts that look like skirts are becoming more appealing as I go ever deeper into my mission to wear secret pajamas, daily. There are far fewer tabloid-worthy scandals with a short pair of shorts than a billowy mini dress, right? That’s a quality I respect in a garment.

Check it out!: Lush Color Block Romper, $23.98 at Nordstrom