Daily Deal: The Body Shop Chocolate Box Shimmer Cubes

Yet another Daily Deal, unabashedly lauding the beauty of neutrals, and today I found some of my favorite neutrals ever – browns – in the form of shimmery, modular cubes of eye-lighting, wet/dry shadow from The Body Shop.

Daily Deal: The body Shop Chocolate Shimmer Cubes

These four little cubes pop out for easy application, and are shockingly deep, unlike most eyeshadow palettes which seem to give you 3mm of depth before you’re running dry.

Speaking of dry, these can be used wet, or dry. The four colors included are beautifully neutral, and flattering on almost every skin tone. I love colors like the copper in the upper left corner on people with blue eyes. Nothing makes you look like you have glaciers for irises like copper shadow! And that pearlescent pink is a perfect every-day lid cover. I wouldn’t mind experimenting with that shimmery dark brown, either!

Check it out!: Chocolate Box Shimmer Cubes, $13.20 at The Body Shop