Affordable Line To Love: StyleSaint

The affordable & ethical fashion lines have been flying at me from all directions lately and I love it. It’s so refreshing to see people trying as hard as they can to make sustainable fashion accessible to the consumer.

StyleSaint is a brand that’s doing that, but on an entirely different level than we’re used to. They work hard to produce their garments as ethically as possible, from the environmental impact to the fair wages, and top of that – their consumers are the ones who make the design decisions.

Ethical Affordable Fashion: StyleSaint

Started by Allison Beal, whose best friend you definitely want to be, StyleSaint is aiming to turn the fashion retail model upside down. Instead of telling consumers what they should be wearing, StyleSaint is using a clever combination of web technology and smart sourcing to create a fashion line inspired by the people who wear it. 

Saint Society & Crowdsourcing Inspiration

They’ve created Saint Society, a visual bookmarking technology similar to Pinterest (but not) that allows you to save & show StyleSaint what kind of design & style you’re into. Then, StyleSaint looks at all of the curated digital fashion magazines (Style Bibles – kitschy!) and just sucks up that inspiration.

Of course I set one up and here is the link.

Unlike Tumblr or Pinterest, at Saint Society, pretty much everything is funneled into personal style. The boards are called Mood Boards because they’re meant to catch your momentary bursts of inspiration, and save it so you can access it later.

A Closet Full of Lace & Silk

So far, it seems that Style Society is doing a damn fine job, because their current offerings are made from lace, silk, and dreams.

Ethical Affordable Fashion: StyleSaint MonkDress

StyleSaint Monk Dress, $148

Lace and silk might sound like a fabric palette that lends itself pretty exclusively to luxury items, but it should come as no surprise: StyleSaint does it differently.

Ethical Affordable Fashion: StyleSaint Favorites

L-R: Silk Habotai Cropped Cami in Emerald, $42, & Scallop Skirt in Obsidian Black, $68; Penelope Lace Wrap Top in Dusty Silver, $88; Perfect Silk Crewneck Tee in Olive, $44; Saint Celine Ivory Lace Dress, $158. 

I have a steady list of favorites already, but choosing between the silk t-shirts and the bohemian-edgy dresses is extremely difficult. And as kitschy as they are, the Sinner and Saint jackets are appealing, too! And that seafoam lace contraption! Everything seems to fall somewhere between whimsical festival gear and everyday, timeless basic… that’s not a bad place to be.

One of my favorite parts of their collection is their extensive line of basics. They have the most beautiful, simple tops and skirts that could be worked into pretty much any style. And those long sleeved shirts? I just want to live in them.

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Sustainability of a Saint

Everything they made is crafted in Los Angeles, which is where StyleSaint is based. As I mentioned, they’re completely conscious, and take into account fair wages and ethical labor conditions when sourcing their fabrics. In fact, every garment is measured against StyleSaint’s three main goals of sustainability:

  • Fabric Footprint: tracking and minimizing the resources required and environmental impact of the fabrics they choose.
  • Water Usage: tracking and minimizing the amount of water used in the process of creating the garment.
  • Ethical Pay Rates: making sure that the workers who created this fabric and these garments is paid a fair wage.

StyleSaint EthicsSo yes, in full, we have a beautiful clothing line that is pretty darn affordable, made from ethically sourced fabrics in an environmentally conscious manner, and oh – you get to contribute your ideas to their next line by playing around on Saint Society. It’s rough out there.

Oh, yeah. One more thing.

That Sweet Discount Code

You couldn’t call them “Saint” if they didn’t ooze with selfless generosity, right? Well, that explains this coupon code for $15 off your first purchase.


Check out the full collection on and get your inspiration on at