Mango Gets Me: Springtime Lookbook

Typically, when I’m on an online shopping bout, I like to see the actual products without people in them. This is particularly true when I know exactly what I’m looking for. No models, no mannequins – just a laid-out piece of clothing or a shoe on the floor. That’s all I need.

But when I’m lacking inspiration, and am not on the feral hunt for something specific, I am a big fan of lookbooks. Almost every site has something like a lookbook full of people on the street, editorially photographed in the very same clothes as the ones on sale.

I think I started to like this because it was a way for me to enjoy the drama of editorial photography like you see in big fashion magazines, but contains clothing I can actually afford. Affordable lookbooks are like fashion candy for broke girls like me.

Mango Spring Lookbook


Do I need this maxi dress from MANGO’s Spring Lookbook? It’s a definite probably.

Today, I went through MANGO’s lookbooks and let me just say: I have no regrets. I guess I expected it to be a little bit bland and youthful, but instead it was full of really cool shapes and updates looks that I could see anyone from ages 16 to 70 wearing.

MANGO February Lookbook

These looks are from the February Lookbook, which is what ignited my lust for more wedges and more trench coats and more painted-on jeggings. The outfit on the left is one that I would wear every single day! Perfect for Seattle. The white and brown combination is also simple and gorgeous.

The wedges featured numerous times throughout this lookbook have me completely transfixed. Crisscross Wedge Sandals ($120) are definitely on my wish list now.

A peek into their other lookbooks and editorial collections revealed cool collaborations and lots more beautiful photos of MANGO clothes!

Check out these shots of Daria Werbowy in a desert-themed shoot from the MANGO catalogue wearing lots and lots of white.

Daria Werbowy MANGO Catalogue


I love monotone outfits because it highlights the textures of each garment. White on white is particularly good for this!

One of my favorite sets called The Island and features muted and faded colors and prints in loose, classic shapes.

MANGO Lookbook Island TIme

MANGO Lookbook Island Time

All of the stripes and the toned-down brights make me instantly think of relaxing near big water, and also happy pirates. The Striped Slim-Fit Trousers in tan/brown are particularly of interest to me. This set also includes one of the most beautiful $100 trench coats I’ve ever seen in my life.

I don’t usually get excited for seasonal dressing other than fall (sweaters! hats! boots! ahhh!) but after peeking through these lookbooks, I am definitely more pumped than I ever have been to wear single-layered outfits in direct sunlight.

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Do you have any favorite lookbooks?

Does anyone save and keep these? I want to put pretty much everything on Pinterest. Aaaand I might.