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I remember the very first concealer that I actually loved. There had been countless suitors before it – namely drugstore brands like Wet’n’Wild – but once I found theBalm Time Bomb Anti-Wrinkle Concealer, I was hooked. I picked it up on sale (big surprise) at a boutique in Ballard having never heard of it, and also having only used wand-style concealers.

The only thing I knew about TheBalm was that they were usually out of my beauty price range. I saw them next to Urban Decay, Stila and other mid-range brands that had excellent reviews and high quality ingredients in their products. theBalm is also US-made, cruelty-free, paraben-free and pthalate-free! Started by a gal in her kitchen – no joke.

theBalm has found its way onto 6pm! I think a lot of people associate with shoes, but I hope this post starts to change that. theBalm has tons of products on 6pm, which already frequently offers products at a discount, and many of those products are in the even more discounted clearance section.

Clearance beauty products, or beauty products on sale are a great way to try out a new brand you’ve never used. The risk is lower because the investment is lower, and if you like it, you know where to score some more! Just make sure it’s not in clearance because it’s being permanently discontinued!

In 6pm’s clearance section, I found quite a few theBalm products that I recognized for steal-level prices:

theBalm Overshadows

I’m all about multi-tasking beauty products, and a product that can transform any eyeshadow you own into a shimmery version of itself definitely qualified. theBalm Overshadow, now $9.99 marked down from $15, is the first time I’ve seen a product that’s specifically intended for eyeshadow augmentation. They are also totally usable as a highlight for your face and body. I would dot a tiny bit in the middle of my lower lip to get a Jessica Rabbit look. Try it, it works!

thebalm time balm anti wrinkle concealer

Well this theBalm Time Balm Anti-Wrinkle Concealer is, as I mentioned, quite good – so good I’m mentioning it twice. On top of being super compact, it also has great coverage and smooths really easily (though you should always gently pat it around your eyes, please!). If you’re whatever color Just Before Dark is, you’re in lucky because it’s on sale-sale for $9.99, but if you’re not Just Before Dark like Lighter Than Light me, it’s $11.99 (down from $18).

theBalm Time Balm Foundation

In other skin-perfecting news, a similarly compact theBalm Time Balm Foundation in a light shade for $16.99, medium shade for $11.20 and dark shade for the standard price of $28. I’m pretty sure that pricing things by skin tone is asking for trouble, but sales will be sales.

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theBalm White Tea & Carrot Eye Makeup Remover is high on my list of beauty products to try because I almost always wear eye makeup, whereas I only occasionally do a “full face” of makeup, so eye makeup removers have a regular place in my beauty routine. Also, this stuff is oil-free so if you’re prone to breakouts, this is a safer bet! Only $9.99 for 8oz, marked down from $18.

Serums. I love them. I only discovered facial serums a few years ago, and only recently learned how best to apply them, so my days experimenting are just beginning. 6pm has a couple facial serums on sale – a great opportunity to play around!

theBalm Skincare Strawberry Facial Serum

theBalm Strawberry Nourishing Facial Serum, $16.99 down from $39.50, seems like a good place to start if you don’t really know what you’re looking for. It’s made with strawberry extract which has a ton of Vitamin C, is great for oily skin, and can help prevent dark spots and freckling from sun exposure. Strawberry extract is also full of anti-oxidants that protect from free radicals. You’ll also find apple extract, white tea extract, and other botanicals in the ingredients list!


theBalm Time Balm Pomegranate Restorative SerumThis is theBalm Pomegranate Restorative Facial Serum, $24.99 marked down from $44.50, and it’s got the same anti-oxidants that its strawberry counterpart does, thanks to the pomegranate. The fabulous pomegranate extract also can help reduce the look of wrinkles by stopping inflammation and battle collagen-reducing substances.

theBalm Brazil Nut Eye Perfection Gel

Last but not least, theBalm Brazil Nut Eye Perfection Gel has me piqued because I’m on the hunt for the perfect eye cream, and according to my research, Brazil Nut extract is quickly absorbed, which is good for that area because you don’t want to push or pull on that delicate skin, so patting it onto your eye lid and under-eye area is easy and effective. It’s also highly moisturizing, and is rich in Vitamins A, C, D, and E. Right now, it’s on sale for $14.99, which is over 50% off its retail price of $32!

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