Under $50: Naja Lingerie’s Cheeky Panty Sets for Foodies

Remember Naja Lingerie? The lingerie company that educates and employs women while creating affordable lingerie made from luxury fabrics? I wrote about Naja at length a few months ago, detailing their beautiful bras and amazing patterns and getting lost in the romance of their brand…

But today, I’m here to show you the unbelievably cheeky side of Naja, which they proudly display in their line of 100% Peruvian Pima Cotton Panties.

Naja Lingerie #FoodPorn Fries Panty

Sure, they have cute ones with kittens and koalas on them, but I am writing this to tell you about two new sets they’ve just released, right in time for the holidays. Sets of three graphic, bikini-style panties are available today, each with their own cheeky themes and the pun is intended.

For your friends who are known as “the one who is always eating” and asking about “the next time we’re gonna eat,” consider introducing them (or if that’s you, yourself) to the #FoodPorn Collection from Naja Lingerie.


Featuring two themed sets:

Naja #FoodPorn "After Take Out" Panty Set

“After Take Out”

This set includes three pairs of panties, featuring sushi, lanterns, and a fortune cookie with a fortune reading, “Everything you need is already inside.” I’m wild about the all-over lantern print, and the fortune cookie makes me blush – but I’m into it!

Naja #FoodPorn Happiest Meal Panty Set

“The Happiest Meal”

As an indisputably American girl, I have to say that I would happily and proudly wear each and every one of these burger, fry, and milkshake panties. The photorealism makes me kind of hungry, and the placement of each item makes me smile, bigtime!

Naja Lingerie The Happiest Meal Panty Gift Set


Every time a new products Naja Lingerie crosses my view, I end up liking them more. Last time, it was for their beautiful designs and commitment to educating and employing women, but this time, it’s for their sense of humor and clear, unabashed love for underwear! (And burgers.)

Naja #FoodPorn Lantern Panties

So, obviously these panties are adorable, but lest we not forget that they’re also made from the aforementioned 100% Peruvian Pima Cotton. This is truly luxurious stuff, and you’ll rarely find a single pair for under $15.

These gift sets features photorealistic food porn, alongside clever packaging and offers the luxury of expensive cotton while working to end poverty in Columbia, and you get three for $49. Sizes range from XS-XL.

These make a fantastic gift, as you can have them sent anywhere, and they arrive in limited edition, theme-appropriate packaging: “The Happiest Meal” arrives in a plastic to-go container, and “After Take Out” in a tall, square take-out container! Throw a bow on it and you’ve got a gift!

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On the off-chance you – like me – have fallen in love with the bright, banana-yellow bralette featured in the promotional photo for “The Happiest Meal,” it’s unsurprisingly by Naja, called the Adriana Bralette and is $42.

  • So yummy lingeries cheeky panty sets. Ladies will love the stuff of these panties and design is superb.

  • Besides the adorable art on panties, the description in the blog seems to be more erotic than the product itself. The price may be of the luxurious 100% Peruvian Pima cotton used, but the USP is definitely the art.

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