Would You Wear: Snap Bracelets?

I’m typically okay with “fashion trends” playing roulette with the calendar, and I’ve been alive long enough to have at least 11 of my childhood garments come back into style (and most, right back out again). That accepting and understanding approach stopped completely when Marc Jacobs decided to bring back snap bracelets.

Would you Wear: Snap Bracelets? (Marc Jacobs Snap Bracelet)

Yeah, this is really a thing that is really happening in stores right now, to the tune of $30! (But you can actually get one on super-sale at Shopbop right now for only $20!…)

I remember snap bracelets as those almost metal-like, razor sharp strips of brightly colored [unknown material] that left a vibrant pop of color or pattern on your wrists and also various bruises and cuts when applied.

This snap bracelet is  made from silicone, which won’t slice your arm open, and has a mutable but obviously neon pink and teal design. It’s extremely (excessively?) playful and bright, but I’m not sure if I would ever pick it up out of my jewelry box to wear it.

Would you wear snap bracelets?

What do you think?

Playful? Fun? Too soon? Tell me in the comments!

Probably watching Netflix.