(A)DD: “Candy is Dandy But Liquor is Quicker” Flask

Mmmm, whiskey. There are few things that work better to warm you up in the frigid outdoors than a shot of cheap – or not cheap – bourbon. Fortunately, if you can’t stand the stuff, there are plenty of alternatives – brandy, vodka, gin, scotch…

A flask has countless uses. Well, all of them involve booze, and there’s really only one use (“holding it”) but the number of places you could bring it is nearly endless. Sure, there’s always “the parked car before the concert” or “your parents house over the holidays,” but one of my favorite places to bring a little inner warmth is hiking or long walks in the wintertime.

As wholesome as hiking and winter adventures may be, there’s something about thisĀ J. Crew Leather Flask that suggests some more salacious uses.

The little flask has an embossed leather wrap, which reads “Candy is dandy but liquor is quicker.” This little quip was written by poet Ogden Nash. Nash was a Harvard dropout that coined many famous phrases, the one emblazoned on this flask is one of hisĀ more famous. He called himself a “worsifier” and was kind of punk rock and anti-establishment. Useless trivia for you!

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