(A)DD: EcoTools Foam Applicator “Brush”

Fans of ultra-hygienic makeup application are going to flip out over this new “brush” from EcoTools. It takes everything you love about hefty makeup brushes and everything you love about makeup sponges (like the famous Beautyblender) and combines them into one tool with an applicator that never touches your hands.

EcoTools Sponge Applicator Brush

The EcoTools Foam Applicator ($5.99) has one flat side, one rounded side, making it perfect for blending. Reviews are definitely positive for this brush, but it’s worth noting that several people said that the sponge was notably stiffer than the popular Beauty Blender sponge. Some said that the sponge stiffness made it more difficult to apply product to crevices in the face, but in turn made it excellent for blending product(s) for a more natural look.

Considering the Beauty Blender price hovers right around $20, the EcoTools Foam Applicator is definitely most cost-effective. The most negative reviews about this brush seemed to be flukes: one handle fell off and another person had a sponge that crumbled after several washes (which, honestly, shouldn’t be totally unexpected, but no other review mentioned this happening).

This brush would be great for blending or apply concealer, cream blush, or bronzer. Basically, any kind of makeup product that looks best when it’s sheer and blended into your skin or base – this foam sponge is going to its BFF.

Obviously, EcoTools is in the ethical category because they use recycled materials and sustainable resources like bamboo to craft their cosmetic tools.

Find EcoTools Foam Applicator Sponge Brush at these locations:

  • Best price: iHerb.com ($5.99 + ~$4 shipping* – $5 off your first no-minimum order with code IHB500)
  • Drugstore.com ($5.99 + $5.99 shipping)
  • Ulta ($6.99 + $5.95 shipping – Buy One Get One 50% off, & 20% off with code 306717)
  • FeelUnique ($7.98 + $3 shipping)
  • EcoTools ($5.99 + $5.95 shipping – 15% off for signing up for their newsletter)

* Shipping was calculated based on my Seattle-area zip code.

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  • May 22, 2015 at 6:52 pm

    Thanks for the sites at the bottom! I love EcoTools brushes. I wasn’t looking for this particular one but I used the code at iHerb and got a couple others at a good price. Plus I just got my package today and they threw in some measuring spoons for free!

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